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Policy Researcher/Consultant (Part-time) (Remote)

Remote   |   Part Time

Duration: 6-month period with possibility for extension based on projects and performance

CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air) is looking for a fully-remote Policy Researcher/Consultant to support research and review of air quality legislation globally, more specifically in Asia.

We are a new independent research organisation focused on revealing the trends, causes, and health impacts, as well as the solutions to air pollution. We use scientific data, research and evidence to support the efforts of governments, companies and campaigning organizations worldwide in their efforts to move towards clean energy and clean air.  We believe that effective research and communication are the key to successful policies, investment decisions and advocacy efforts.

Qualified candidates will work to develop research on national clean air policy and the linkages with other relevant environment and energy policy. The successful candidate will be involved in liaising and collaborating with policymakers, NGOs, academics, communities, and other partners in order to inform efforts and initiatives to deploy effective clean air solutions related to the country’s energy sector.

As part of our research team, you will work with a team of analysts and data scientists who provide you with cutting-edge analysis of air quality, energy, satellite and financial data, and whom you will help locate and obtain data.

Job Responsibilities

As a Policy Researcher/Consultant, you will be involved in an ongoing project to reviewing and/or reforming air quality policies in emerging economies countries. Responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating existing air quality policies, as they have developed in light of new data and circumstances, especially ones that they may require policy adjustment

  • Combine case studies, legal and regulatory precedents, research and statistics from multiple countries to create a detailed analysis

  • Develop timelines and metrics for the implementation of the policy in question

  • Analyze a broad range of individual or industry initiatives and challenges, across multi regulatory timelines

  • Create new proposals and recommendations to drive policy solutions from an economical, regulatory and human resources factors

  • Analyze political processes that influence of internal and external stakeholders in the process, accounting for and mitigating for unintended effects and effects across demographics

  • Stay informed on interest group demands, which include businesses, governments, and special interest citizen groups

  • Prepare sub-reports or preliminary reports and other guiding documents, and present findings, reports, and draft policies to internal stakeholders and governmental organizations

Job Qualifications

  • Experience in air quality policy analysis and development in multiple countries; familiarity with air quality regulation in Asia (especially Southeast Asia) is preferred

  • Strong organizational, coordination, and project management skills, including experience managing complex, time-sensitive research requirements.

  • Demonstrated ability to convey policy and science to both experts and non-expert audiences in compelling ways.

  • Excellent research, written and oral communications skills. 

  • Ability to support stakeholder engagement, including but not limited to liaising with government officials and civil society groups 

What we can offer you

  • 6-month contract OR project-based (depending on your preference)

  • A remote & time-flexible working environment

  • Remuneration based on skills & experience, and competitive with standard pay

  • A meaningful and potentially very impactful mission


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